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ON EARTH  is a part of "Undli Gård(farm) foundation" in Norway. UNDLI is a farm in central Norway at a hight of 705 MASL,where  me and my friends offer workshops and presantations, we have an experimental garden trying out different gardening permaculture methods, since the climate here  is harch and the soil is poor. Undli is a  farm with focus on ecology, gentle experimental agriculture methods, lowcost living, whole and healthy foods, recycling and reusing, preservation of old listed buildings and interior, and of course  aranging a lot of courses, workshop, and markets! Check the link to the Facebook site (Undli logo below) and follow with the events!

I my self provide a series of therepeutic solution to a large array of health issues, through food-counceling, therapeutic massage using oils and herbs, and herbal ointments and salves. I am holding seminars about practical ecology and kindliving, in orden to make people understand how important our enviroment is and that LOVE for our Earth always pays back! Ecology is not only use of organic products, it is the place we have in the dance of connections with the other Earthlings on this planet. We are all so interconnected!


Until a while ago I was working only witwithin a small circle of friends, but they couldnt keep the information about them selves and soon I became famous in the village!

My main purpose is to  give power to people to be selfsustained and happy, "working" for a happy graceful and long life in harmony with their suroundinsg. Professors do it their way, NGOs use other methods, I work with herbs, soaps and salves!

So, back to the spot: why you should try to make your own procuts?

-- Toxin free! Save the enviroment and its creatures and your own body from being exposed to nasty chemicals (what are toxins)

-- Save your health!

-- Saving money!

-- Fun hobby (wanna see some easy recipes?)

-- Ignite your creativity, invite to workshops =)

My products have NO

No Triclosan

No Petroleum Products

No Lauryl Sulfate

No Parabens

No Animal Products

No Fillers

No Preservatives or Synthetics

No Palm Oil


-- My name is Molly Greger and  I am an ecologist/biologist.Endlesly inspired byt this planet and it creatures I have  dedicatet my knowlege to serve  Earth and its beings. I dream of a kinder world and I know its both possible, its easy and its fun. I have worked as a teacher, a cleaner, a graphic designer and a administrator.

-- I havent  bought any sort of  cleaning products since 2007, no shampoos and shower articles, neither cosmetics: I make my own and saved my self from nasty chemicals! I can show you how!

-- I have had private workshops at my farm,I have been visiting private homes, schools and local festivals to communicate both the "How to" and of cource "Why" ?? 

-- I am a vegan since 2004 with no issues and perfect health and bloodtests, and I can help you makethe right food-choise when your heart ♥ is ready to decide to leave aminals of your plate, yor entertaining, and your closet.

-- If you choose to hire me,  come with a nice price and with own materials. I promice you fun experience and a lot of knowledge. A cool experience  for both adults and children =)

I am ready to hold  a workshop  on the subject you are interested (Health, ecology, soap and salve making, herbal medicine, veganism).

Do you want a private workshop?

Contact me for a nice price =)

On-Earth is a part of Undli gård foundation in Norway,



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A name with so many meanings!


*ARTH: which in Hindi means:  intent, purpose or goal.

In Celtic: stone, bear.

In Germanic: eagle

Thiss site extends to my my blogg: http://blog.on-earth.one/

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"On Earth" is part of Undli Gård  Foundation

Molly Greger

"On Earth"


Etnedalsvegen 2715,

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