How to

Tips and tricks!

This is a seccion about tricks for your home and how to do things easier, cheaper and of course from a thoughtful, kind and eco point of view.

The internet is full of unbelievable tricks, some useful and some not, some which work and some which are completely hopeless. I have a tiny collection here which I hope that can be helpful. None are "mine" all are borrowed and I hope the "owners" of the ideas are gratefull that their ideas are spread!

If someone has any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me :)

Tricks indoors

This part is about tricks and tips and "how to" inside your home. Most are cleaning-tricks, some are not.

How to fil a container which is to big for the sink!

Damaged wooden surfaces? Rub it with a walnut!!

How To Get Rid Of Shower-Head Residue!Fill a plastic bag with strong vinegra. Place over the shower head and tie it there. Wait!

Clea Silver stuff:

A glass boul. Line it with aluminum foil. Two tablespoons baking soda. Boiling water. Wait !

How to wipe your paintbrush !!

Most of us have a lot of space in our closet vertically but not horizontacally. Here is how to use it!

How to clean and freshen your mattress: Spinkle baking soda added lavender oil  on the matress, let it sit for 24h, vacum!

Dealing With Mold In Your Home Naturally

Learn these three tricks for killing mold and mildew. One of these you most likely already have in your kitchen/bathroom cupboard. 

Over the years I have found three natural ingredients that kill mold: Tea tree oil (an essential oil found in most health food stores), grapefruit seed extract and vinegar. There are pros and cons, but all three work. Vinegar is by far the cheapest. Tea tree oil is expensive, but it is a broad spectrum fungicide and seems to kill all the mold families it contacts. The problem is that it has a very strong smell, but that dissipates after a few days. Grapefruit seed extract is also expensive, but has no smell.

Mold can be dangerous to your health, even if you aren’t allergic. Many people react to mold by getting tired and even depressed. Try to stay on top of the problem of moisture and mold as soon as they arise. Dry out anything that is damp, such as basements (use a dehumidifier). Fix leaks in plumbing and roofs. Wipe up spills. Make sure water doesn’t escape from shower curtains. Vigilance will pay off!

Tea Tree Oil

Nothing natural works for mold and mildew as well as this spray. I’ve used it successfully on a moldy ceiling from a leaking roof, on a musty bureau, a musty rug and a moldy shower curtain. Tea tree oil is expensive, but a little goes a very long way. Note that the smell of tea tree oil is very strong, but it will dissipate in a few days.

2 teaspoons tea tree oil

2 cups water

Combine in a spray bottle, shake to blend, and spray on problem areas. Do not rinse. Makes about 2 cups, lasts indefinitely.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

The advantage of using grapefruit seed extract instead of tea tree oil for killing mold is that it is odorless.

20 drops grapefruit seed extract

2 cups water

Combine in a spray bottle, shake to blend, and spray on problem areas. Do not rinse. Makes about 2 cups, lasts indefinitely.


Vinegar Spray

Straight vinegar reportedly kills 82 percent of mold. Pour some white distilled vinegar straight into a spray bottle, spray on the moldy area, and let set without rinsing if you can put up with the smell. It will dissipate in a few hours. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can add essential oils for a more mellow scent.